Open Guitar Chords

Open guitar chords are the easiest for beginners to learn which makes it a good place to start. A chord is a combination of pitches sounded simultaneously. In our case it is 2 or more strings played at the same time.

An open guitar chord is a chord that usually has at least one open string and is typically located around the 1st through 5th frets. These chords are the easiest and most common chords. Once you memorize these chords you will be able to play some basic songs.

How to read a guitar chord chart

Guitar chord chart description
  • The vertical lines represents the strings
  • The area between the horizontal lines represent the frets
  • The dots tell you where to put your fingers
  • The numbers in the dots tell you which finger to use
  • The "O" at the top means to play that string open. An open string is where you don't touch the string with your left hand.
  • "X" means don't play, or to mute that string

Open Guitar Chords

Once you have learned how to read a guitar chord chart begin learning and memorizing these open chords.


  • Use tips of the finger to fret the notes and place the finger just behind the fret. Be careful not to place you finger on top of the fret because this will cause fret noise or can cause the note to not ring at all.
  • Your thumb should rest somewhere between the center and top of the back of the neck
  • Once you have fingers in the proper chord position try playing each string individually to see if all the strings are ringing.
  • If you find a string that isn't ringing check to make sure that your finger is just behind the fret and not on top of the fret. Also, check to see if another finger is touching that string causing it not to ring.
Open chord chart

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